Big Data cloud

This is the simplest definition of the term Big Data that I could find.

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to a collection of tools and technologies that help you work productively with data at any scale.

Why not just use a database server?

  • Due to the advances of technology data is continuously being generated from more sources and more devices.
  • Much of that data such as videos, photos, comments and reviews on websites and social media is unstructured – that means the data is not stored in predefined structured tables. Instead it is often made of volumes of text, dates, numbers and facts that are typically free form by nature.
  • Certain data types of data is arriving so fast, there is not even time to store it before applying analytics to it.
  • Thats why traditional data management and analytics tools alone don’t enable IT to store, manage, process and analyse the data.

Is it worth the effort?

A recent study concluded that only 10-20% of organisations take full advantage of that unstructured data. But those that do, will outperform their unprepared competitors by 20% across major financial metrics.

Whats the Cloud got to do with this?

  • In order to generate the required level of insight and competitive advantage from big data, innovative new approaches and technologies are required.
  • With the cloud being pay as you go, you don’t need a massive data center upgrade to see what big data can do you.
  • The cloud provides low cost access to compute and storage at any scale.